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What is a site classification?
The site classification is determined by the structural engineer after they have completed the site report. It will identify if it is sand or clay and determine the size and design of the footing and concrete slab along with any other reinforcing required to walls etc.

What happens during a Pre-Start Meeting?
This meeting is used to collate final details, colour, materials and pricing prior to proceeding to construction.

When do I have to make progress payments?
You will need to pay the builder for work completed at specific stages. These may include deposit, slab down, plate height, roof cover, lock up, practical completion. It should be noted the home building contract act allows a maximum of 6.5% deposit to paid and other progress payments shall not exceed the value of work completed.

What does the Earthworker do?
The earthworker will cut the site to the levels required and form a building area (sand pad). On completion where required they shall provide a compaction certificate.